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Me (Amir) and Mina have started our artistic activities since 2010. Our passion and enthusiasm to the innocent childish world, motivated us to leave our past industrial jobs behind and follow our dreams to record unrepeatable moments of this little gorgeous creatures by photography and filmmaking. In 2012, officially we opened newborn, kids and maternity Elsa photo studio.

Elsa means generous. In this way, we are using from all of our passion and creativity to present unique and modern styles. Gradually, we have started making emotional movie clips from maternity to newborn’s birth. Now we have an honor that we make documentaries from beautiful also uncommon moments of kid’s lifestyle in different locations such as zoo, amusement park, urban areas also their sweet homes that will be remain as an exclusive memorial for all their life time.

Our goal is to break the stereotypes. One of the actions that we have done for this purpose is life style photography in home and urban locations. Because the kids feel more comfortable in this situation and can show their real feelings that this creates outstanding moments. In fact, we never limit ourselves into the defined frame work so we improve our knowledge and creativity day by day.